North Versus South

North Versus South (UK)

To be clear - this section isn't about repeating NvS promo material, so if you want the detail, check their website: North Versus South

That being said - it's a well-respected game, and it's a regular for the international community. Many friendships, alliances and even team have been formed here. It's a good first big game for anyone.


NvS costs around £80-100 for a ticket, depending on whether you buy in advance. Non player tickets are also available at around £40.

Paint costs around £30-40 for a box of 2000 depending on grade.


NvS has onsite camping. There is a decent festival vibe, with entertainment, competitions, awards and often bands.

Camping can be a bit hardcore. The UK climate varies hugely at this time of year. Typically this is the end of spring/start of summer, so it's usually nice. Some years it's 25°C in the day, sometimes it's 0°C at night. It can rain heavily. The overview is that the weather is unreliable.

Some players get hotels and this can be a real deal-breaker for some. Premier Inn Coventry City Centre South (Earlsdon Park) and Ramada Hotel Coventry City Centre South are both well placed. Many players stay here and there's a small counter-community that stay in the hotels together.


NvS usually has plenty of stalls and shops selling markers, paint, accessories etc. You can pretty much pick anything up. As is common in the UK, card is accepted pretty much everywhere.

There are usually some stalls offering repairs and maintenance also.

There are food stalls and a bar. While there are some veggie options, if you have any allergies or requirements, you may want to bring your own along.

Getting to NvS

NvS is at the Heart of England site, in Coventry. This is in the Midlands, in the central/west of England (south west of the UK).

Driving to NvS is fairly simple from Calais or the South coast. It should take 3-5 hours depending on traffic.
Definitely avoid London, but using the M25 is appropriate. By going clockwise on the M25 you avoid tolls. Make sure you use the M40 to travel North West. This should leave you only a few miles from the site.
There are multiple airports near Coventry with multiple advantages and disadvantages
Try to fly to Birmingham International Airport. This is by far the closest, and only an 8m/12km drive away. This is possible via taxi.
East Midlands Airport is also another major airport only 35m/56km away.
Luton Airport is 78m/125 away, Manchester Airport is 94m/151km away. Both are close with direct Motorway routes.
Heathrow is 101m/162km away. It is next to the M25 but that is a traffic risk. It can often take 3 hours to drive to Coventry.
If you can't hire a car or drive, speak with UK teams beforehand. Many people drive directly past these airports, and for the sake of a small donation you could easily save a lot of transport/car hire hassle as well as help someone keep it cheap to get onsite.

Many flights have limited options, so arriving at Manchester or Heathrow is often a good choice. However, the motorways are extremely busy in rush hour traffic, so do not make important plans which mean you need to arrive quickly!

Notes about the game

The UK has a public holiday on the Monday. Thus - the Sunday is not usually a race to get home. Many people stay late, or even stay over on the Sunday locally.

Coventry city centre is not far from site (15 minutes drive). If you run sort of supplies or want to go out offsite, this is relatively easy.

There are individual events on the Friday, but the main games are on Saturday and Sunday.

The Saturday game is a short but very intense game and is worth showing up for. Often named "East Vs West", or some variant of "Uk Versus". It is usually the UK generals (fighting together) alongside the foreign players versus the entire of the UK teams. This is an extremely intense game that foreign players enjoy a lot. Recommended

There is a saturday night party, with entertainments and a good vibe. It's definitely worth sticking around for.

The main game is on the Sunday, and builds up to an awards ceremony around 17:00 UK. This is the climax of the whole paintball weekend.

As mentioned, many players go out for a night out to celebrate after the event. Typically this is a meal and visit to pubs and or clubs. This is a big community event for the foreign teams and its highly recommended.

Recommended Travel Plan